I have been passionate about photography since I was in junior high and it is been a dream for me to express creativity through this medium. My love of beauty, art, fashion, design and details is all able to be combined as I customize a wonderful photography experience for you! Life is incredible and I want to capture those important life moments as a true work of art.

I am a wife to an artist (my husband is an audio engineer and drummer) and a mom to two creative, very energetic little girls. Our home is high energy, crazy, loud and full of laughter. I aspire to be a ninja despite that fact that I have a severe case of outside voice and trip over everything BUT I don’t let this stop me as our family travels together to compete across the country at various taekwondo tournaments. I adore 1940’s/50’s fashion and chairs from the early 1900’s. It is rumored that I have a storage facility with items from both of those categories. I love to talk, love to laugh, love to create and am grateful to God for the beauty He allows me to capture every day.