an early spring

For all of you that follow my blog, you are probably familiar with Nicole Moore Vintage Headbands. They are amazing works of art….metal headbands carefully handwrapped in satin ribbon and then adorned with a beautiful piece of vintage jewelry. Photographers…they make awesome accessories for a shoot. They are each unique and while stunningly gorgeous, they don’t distract from the importance of the photo….your subject! Become a fan on facebook so you can get notified of the exact time the line will launch on February 28th. There is lots of sparkle, lots of 1950’s enamel (SO pretty!), and….the most exciting part….the launch of a bridal line. It is so amazingly beautiful. Get ready to shop…and fast!! Each line typically sells completely out in less than 30 minutes so get your typing fingers ready!!!

  • As always, so amazing. I *LOVE* the little red one.