spring is here

Today was day three of spring break week and I thought it would be fun to go to the Dallas Arboretum. I just got a new camera and wanted to take pics of the kids, plus the weather has been so gorgeous this week and it would be a lovely way to enjoy it. Umm, going to the arboretum is a good idea in theory only. By the time you have packed up the car, the kids, and made the drive…you are SO over it. I know this…so why every year do I think it will get better??? I somehow talked my family into going so my mom, sisters, nephew, and both the girls all made the trek together. There were a ZILLION people there (yes, a zillion..truly) and the older kids were not interested in having me take their pictures. Not a surprise. Despite the ooch, it was worth it all for me to get these shots of baby Ally.

Oh, and the flowers were pretty too. : )

  • Michelle

    Girl, those look sooo good!! You got sweet smiling shots of Ally, I love it!