beautifully pregnant…35 weeks

Yes, her belly is really and truly this beautiful……at 35 weeks…and with baby #3!!! No hating please. I had the wonderful opportunity to capture these pics of one of my dearest friends and her little family. We did family pics first. Aren’t they all so beautiful? I love these kids to pieces…they are just too precious!

After fun family shots Michelle and I went off by ourselves to a field with a pile of clothes and a chair and shot until the sun set. We had so much fun! I love this girl! Wouldn’t you agree that pregnancy definitely agrees with her?? She makes it looks so effortless. Hmmmmmmmmmmm…….nope….I’m good with my two. : )

Did you know that when you laugh, your belly shrinks? Michelle and I laughed so hard at this… you can tell the size difference in her belly in the top and this bottom shot. Maybe now, instead of doing crunches and going to the gym I will just laugh all the time. Would be SO much easier! ; )