brenna…class of 2011

I love this session!! Beautiful Brenna had some amazing ideas she wanted incorporated into her shoot and we collaborated for several weeks on how to best bring that to life through location and wardrobe. It was so much fun and I just love the end results!!

  • Oh my, she is gorgeous. That umbrella shot en pointe? BREATHTAKING! As in, I want that for my wall! These are beautiful!

  • Megan

    Love these! Awesome as usual! I love the outfit with the point shoes! It looks awesome together!!

  • BEAUTIFUL!!! Love that very last shot, the wardrobe choice is exquisite!! Absolutely stunning!

  • Michelle

    I love all the pointe pictures especially the one on the ladder! and trekking into the water for pictures, love it! Amazing as always Angela!!!

  • Robyn

    Beautiful images! I discovered your site through GO(4)Pro and I am loving scrolling through your blog. I am also loving the turquoise lace shirt she is wearing! Would you know/ be able to find out where she got it? Thank you!!

  • Thank you SOOO much! Okay, you are so going to hate this answer but that was a vintage dress she bought online from a thrift shop. I’ll see if I can find the name of the place but obviously it was one of a kind.

  • Wow, these are amazing!