celebrating six

My sweet baby Emma is six years old today!! First thing she did this morning was go over to the doorway to measure herself. She was positive she was taller! Love her! Last night I tucked her in and told her the story of her being born (we do that every year the night before her bday). She prompts me now and giggles when I tell her the answers…especially at the part where I held her the first time. “What did you say to me, mom?”  and before I can answer…”Oh, you told me..’you are SO beautiful and you have a little dimple in your chin'”.  Tonight we pulled out her scrapbooks and “oohed” and “ahhed” over how tiny she was, read all the little stories I had written down, and had fun remembering. She is a kindred spirit in that she is delightfully sentimental. I love it!!

I feel like since she has started kindergarten she has matured so much so quickly, so when I was editing the photos from her shoot I was happy to still see just a little bit of baby left in her face. I’m not ready to entirely let go of that yet. Emma is such a precious child. Sweet, caring, kind, funny, independent, intuitive, energetic, brilliant, creative, passionate, chatty, bossy, strong willed, and very loving. Yes, she drives me nuts a lot but I look forward to the day that I will be able to call her not only my daughter, but my friend. She is going to be an amazing woman someday in the future. Just a little bit scared of the journey towards that. : )

  • Ken O'Reilly

    So beautiful! Happy Birthday Emma!

  • Cynthia Walker-Baird


    Emma is so precious!!! She sounds like an AMAZING girl!! You are truly blessed! These pictures are absolutely adorable! Your work is great!!


  • Cynthia

    Oh my goodness. These pictures are so beautiful and pure, and Emma looks so sweet and lovely. Her eyes are KILLING me! I can’t believe she is SIX!! Happy birthday, precious Emma!! I love you! XO

  • Sharon

    It will be worth the journey, don’t worry.