emma & ally

The week of thanksgiving, it was SO warm outside that I figured it was good as time as any to take my girls out for a shoot. Mind you, I dread doing long shoots with them. It winds up ending in frustration and tears (theirs and mine) and is generally a whip, but it must be done. After agonizing over their clothes for weeks, I was ready when a super warm, very cloudy morning presented itself. Off we went into the forest with Ally in a stroller and Emma pulling a wagon full of props. It was insane. The stress of it all prompted Ally to speak her longest sentence to date: “NO!! I DONE!! goodBYE!” and then she stormed off towards a little ravine. Sigh.

BUT, it was worth it….I love the pics…..and the superfast shutter speeds captured the momentary peaceful sweetness that truly is my girls. This shot below is one of my favorites (I had a canvas made of it) not just because of their sweet expressions but also because they are sitting on my grandmother’s ottoman that I received when she passed away this May. If she could she this picture, I know she would love it.

My precious Emma….a month away from being seven. Extreme girly-girl(she knows that every outfit should have a pop of color and loves her self some accessories), tenderhearted, loyal friend, empathetic, a strong leader, adores her baby sister (for two years she asked for a baby sister named Ally, so that day we found out we were having another girl, we let her name her sister) straight A student, bilingual, and an orange belt in taekwondo. She is also highly dramatic (such a shock, I know) and very messy. Yes. It is not fairy tale land over here, but we adore her, our precious first born. She falls into poses quite fast now for me-LOVE it!

Then, my baby Ally Marie, just two weeks away from turning TWO! It seems to have gone way faster with the second child. She is high energy, extremely chatty, a complete mama’s girl, loves to look at books, loves to get into mischief, absolutely adores her big sister, is absolutely hysterically funny (lots of physical humor-we laugh at her all the time), and a little scary…she locked me in the playroom the other day and laughed at me while I banged on the door demanding her to unlock it (which she did after a bit). Problem is that she ¬†knows she can bat her mile long eyelashes and say, “Oh mama! Dere you are!” or “I MISS you mama” or “I Sorry” and then kiss me and I melt. UGH! : )

We adore our amazingly precious surprise baby even if she is quite exhausting.

and we end with Emma reading a beautiful 1940’s children’s book to Ally in the woods. Peaceful, idyllic, moment. Actually, the book is hiding the fact that Ally is chewing on gummy bears. I had forgotten to bring bribes for the shoot and found a little pack of extremely chewy gummy bears in the bottom of my purse. The book was a fabulous prop for hiding the non-attractive chewing face! HA!

  • Your own children and you forgot the treats! Horrible!

    But these images are just gorgeous. Congrats on your own almost 2 year old and the stylish older sis. Gorgeous images as always and I’m positive your grandma is loving that first shot.

  • Megan

    Adorable! Thanks for sharing. Your girls are beautiful!