everyday life

I always post the artsy, pretty pictures of my girls and I thought it would be fun to give you a bit of our everyday life. Last Friday, I thought it would be a fun idea to take the girls trick-or-treating after school in downtown McKinney. They close of the historic square and all the shops open up for trick-or-treating. My husband couldn’t get off work early to join us but I did talk my sister and brother-in-law and nephew into joining in the ‘fun’. It took forever to get down there (traffic was hideous even at 4pm) and then everyone in America was trying to park around the square. Yes, everyone in America…crazy, huh? The girls were very wiggly due to the fact we had been in the car so long and it was making me a little cranky and then when I discovered I had left my purse at home I became VERY CRANKY…plus I was trying to find parking. So, you can imagine that when we loaded out of the car I was not the happiest of campers. I met up with my sister and told the kids they had to get their pics taken first before getting candy (I think that I should probably have waited until I was a little happier before attempting pics). I sat them on a bench and imagined the shot with them all laughing at me…noses crinkled. Here is the first attempt…

Sammy and Ally are looking for their getaway and Emma looks scared.

Okay, take two.

Hmmmm…still not quite right.

take three?

This is actually my favorite picture of the night because it makes me fall over laughing. Oh, these kids!! I really could do nothing but laugh while attempting these shots because the way they avoided eye contact with me was hilarious.

Thought later on we would give it another try….so I said, “bottoms against the wall and look at me!”


And thus, the portraits of severly over-photographed children. I love them…I love these pics…I am still laughing!!!

I will leave you with my baby bumblebee (who, by the way, entered the terrible twos full force this very night. can I get some group sympathy??)

  • As the mother to a 21 month old hellion of a beautiful daughter, I totally feel your pain. She’s working on her teenage angst.