little angel

Meet Maddie. Her Mimi (as she calls her grandmother) has been dying to get some angel tulle pics of her…we’ve just been waiting for it to be warm enough!! I met Mimi last fall when she commissioned me to do their family pics and I completely fell in love with her. Have you ever met someone and immediately felt that you had known them forever? That’s how it is with Mimi. I just absolutely adore her. Maddie was all ready to play dress up and she was quite obliging to give Mimi the shots she was wanting!

It was such a pretty spring day we had to get some shots in the pink tulle too. Just for the record….I did NOT pose her! I asked her if she could put her hand on her chin and then up goes her shoulder, she turns her head toward the camera and we all started freaking out …she looked so cute!

So the day before Mimi had told me she wanted a few shots together and then late that night I got the idea for a tea party….but I didn’t have a tea set. Mimi has the best props and brought the tea set, jewelry, baby dolls, etc. I had this sweet little vintage hat that I bought months back and hadn’t used. Put it all together and we had a little tea party. Such fun!

  • Michelle

    I can’t tell you how precious I think this is!!! What a sweet photo shoot:)

  • Gwynnie

    Unbelievable photos. Great photographer. Great subjects. Maddie truly is an angel!!