meet alex…makeup artist

I am so extremely happy to introduce you to an artist whom I will be working with now. My sister recently introduced us and told me that we would be a perfect match…and she was right! Alex is incredible at what she does and together we want to make your portrait experience even more amazing!! I always encourage my female clients to have their makeup professionally done for their shoots and typically in the past I have referred everyone to the local MAC stores (which do a wonderful job), however I have hoped one day to come across someone I could work with directly so I always know who I will be sending you to! When I can partner with one artist, this ensures an even more custom experience for you.¬†After I help you plan your wardrobe and craft the vision for your shoot, I will send all those details Alex’s way so that she can create a look that will pull all those details together.

We had so much fun a week ago working together on a fun shoot, and I can’t wait for you all to meet her!


Alex, give us a little glimpse into your life.

Well, I really do have to start off by saying that I am so blessed! I work as a personal trainer and Pilates teacher by day, I am a counseling graduate student by night, and enjoy racing as a triathlete and runner on occasional weekends. I love that I have the privilege of hanging out with middle school and high school students from our youth group at church and I enjoy spending time with my husband and family. I have the most wonderful friends and love hanging out with them as well! I love life and enjoy experiencing all types of new things. Someone described me once as a person that likes to live life to it’s fullest and I think that just about sums it up!


What is your background in makeup and hair?

As a child, I remember being enamored with my mom’s fashion and styling sense and I would watch in awe as she styled her hair and applied her makeup. I fell in love with fashion and styling at a young age and vowed that I was destined become a fashion designer! I began to mimic old styles of makeup and hair and would incorporate trends that I would see in magazines and on celebrities. As a teenager, I always enjoyed playing around with my own makeup and hair and loved experimenting with friends as well. I usually preferred to do my own makeup and hair for formals and dances in high school and also helped my friends with their styling as well.

My interest in hair and makeup continued to grow and I began working for MAC cosmetics soon out of high school where I worked through out most of my college career. I began doing freelance work while I was working at MAC and have continued ever since. I have experience in areas that include fashion, editorial, and creative photography, headshots, portraits, print, and film. I also have experience with styling hair and makeup for various events such as weddings, prom, formal events, fashion shows, etc.

What do you love most about being creative in this particular art?

I really do love all types of art, as I studied art in college, however makeup and hair is much different. It is amazing to see how every person is created with their own unique facial features and characteristics, which makes every canvas different in this type of art. There are various types of mediums, textures, and tools that all combine to create a unique look because of the variations in the canvas. It kind of reminds me of what they say about snowflakes and their unique structure; that no two snowflakes look alike. I love the diversity and creativity that is involved in this particular art. The options really are limitless!


Why is it so important to have your makeup professionally applied for a shoot?

Applying makeup for a shoot is much different than applying it for everyday wear. Makeup photographs much differently than it may look in the mirror. For average makeup users, it can be very confusing to know how much or how little to apply and what types of products photograph best. Therefore, having makeup applied professionally relieves all of those pressures off of the client, so that they can enjoy having their picture taken without having to worry about whether they applied too little makeup or if they products that they chose will show up well in the photographs, and it helps the client to achieve the look that they are going for and to highlight their features without having to worry about how to do it correctly themselves.

Give us some tips regarding prepping your skin for the day of the shoot.

I would say to start prepping your skin as soon as you set your appointment! Be sure to have a good skin regimen that includes washing your face regularly with a gentle cleanser and moisturizing or treating your skin depending on your specific needs. Also, consider visiting a local dermatologist if you are concerned about breakouts or other skin issues that might cause you to feel uncomfortable with being photographed. As far as the day of the shoot goes, you can prepare by having a clean face with all eye makeup removed and can lightly moisturize if you so desire.
If you could have a shopping spree at any store, what would it be?

Is it sad that this is one of the toughest questions of all of these? Well, I would definitely have to say Lululemon would be one of my top selections, as I live in their clothes all day for work and exercising. They are the best workout clothes that you will ever own! I know my friends would say that this is predictable, and would label me as the only one that would get excited about workout clothing. On that note, I would also say Anthropologie, which is still predictable as well (don’t we all love that store?). I could go on with more stores though… Bloomingdales, Barneys NY, Uncommon Objects (antique store in Austin, TX), Richardson Bike Mart (to get the bike of my dreams, of course!) and so many others!


What is your favorite fashion era in history and why?

Gosh, here is another tough question! I really do love so many of the eras for different reasons! I love the 1920’s-1940’s for the glitz, glamor, and femininity. I think that 1950’s fashion is just so fun and lively! I adore the 1960’s and 1970’s because they were so different than all of the previous eras. Okay, so to narrow it down… I would have to say 1960’s in terms of French and Italian fashion is my favorite. You really can’t beat French and Italian fashion in any era!


If you could have a whole day to yourself, what would you do?

This question reminds me of the time that I took a day trip to Austin by myself in college. I woke up one morning with the thought, “You know, I should just go to Austin today.” So, that’s just what I did and it was so much fun! Therefore, I think that I would head down for a day trip to Austin by myself after spending some time reading in the morning while enjoying my freshly brewed cup of coffee. I’d be sure to leave enough time to get a good workout in by going for a nice, long run and would jump in the pool for a swim afterwards before heading out on the trip. I’d stay in Austin long enough to see all the usual places and friends that I like to visit before returning back home late in the evening.



Thank you, Alex for giving us a little tiny peek into who you are! I can’t wait for all of you to work with her!


PS: her dress is from Anthropologie

PPS: it’s no longer available

PPPS: don’t hate her for that