oct mini session…bearden family

This past weekend I held my annual family mini sessions. Day one of the mini session threatened rain and all morning I watched the radar frantically. Around noon I went out to run errands and the air felt odd (all my close friends know that I get super freaked out by bad weather so I’m pretty in tune with any weather changes) so I checked the radars…sure enough…bad storms were on their way. By 1:15p the tornado sirens were wailing and my husband tucked me and the girls up in the bathroom with the mattress and pillows while he watched the news. THANKFULLY our town was spared but then the rest of the afternoon it poured down rain. So, goodbye day #1. Seriously? After months of sunny weekends we would have to get a tornado the day of mini sessions. Texas weather is so annoying. Anyway, that meant I had to try to squeeze everyone in on Sunday. Sunday turned out to be bright and sunny, humid and very warm….but everyone was happy and wore their winter clothes with smiles. We had a good time and had a marathon day!!!

First up is my friend Jen and her family. Jen and I met at Baby Bootcamp  six years ago when our oldest kids were infants. Love her precious family!! We had such a good time and she did a fabulous job dressing her family. You have to love it when Matilda Jane and Anthropologie join you for a shoot. : )

  • Oh my, the one with the whole family on the couch with the little girl kissing her daddy? My heart just broke. Gorgeous!